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"Let me start of by saying what an amazing experience this program has offered me! From day one I knew I had made the right choose. Mrs. Wright is the most inspiring instructor and person I have ever come across. She really cares about her students and it shows! The course was very well organized and full of Valuable information ( even more then required for your CNA license). She incorporated life stores and experience which made the class even more interesting and entertaining. You will never have a question unanswered. She is very thorough and only expects the best from her students because she gives her best. By the end of the course I felt very confident in my knowledge and skills and was ready to take the state exam. I am now a CNA and ready to start my new career! Thank you Mrs. Wright, and all the staff at Trinity Health Academy!!!! I would recommend this school 1000% to everyone interested in starting or advancing their career. You will not be disappointed!"

"I just completed my CNA course at Trinity Health Academy. The school and Mrs. Wright were amazing. They took the time to make sure each and every student becomes successful. Mrs. Wright helped me in so many ways as well as the other students. She even helped prepared us for our future courses. She gave us advices, guidance, and she was always there when we needed help. She was very experienced, educated, and patient. We could tell that she values her students and have a passion for teaching. I met really amazing people in my class and we all became friends. We supported each other through four weeks of theory and four weeks of clinical. It was such an amazing experience that I will never forget. Thank you to Trinity Health Academy, Mrs. Wright, and to my fellow classmates."

"Mrs Wright is the sweetest instructor ever. She takes good care of her students well. Prepares them for the state exam and make sure that they learn all the skills. She gives positive vibes to her students and inspires them to go further. Would have given her 10 stars."

"I totally enjoyed the experience of going to the school. The administration was very professional, Professor Mary Wright was very detailed in teaching. The Power Points were very informative. Overall experience o was totally awesome."

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